Mar 8, 2015
whiteteeth (All reviews)
I must admit it IS an ambitious train-wreck, but it isn't THAT bad.

The premise of the story is very good, and so it is the first episode which gives you a lot of expectation. But beware... sadly, the anime is not gonna meet those expectations.
The story-telling wasn't wisely constructed, and what could have become the anime of its year, crush and burn miserably. It's such a pity when stories with so much potential are executed so poorly.

I haven't read the visual novel from which this was based of, but i am planning to, as i'm really intrigued if they gave this story more justice in there.

Actually, i won't recommend you to see this, just because the dissapointment is TOO bad. If you are still interested, give it a try, at least the concept is good... if only it weren't so badly executed.