Mar 7, 2015
PlubicHousing (All reviews)
If you like a thrilling romance this story is not for you If you like super casual romance where the author seems to be making each chapter have almost nothing to do with the next this is the manga for you i don't know the people here read the manga saw it was getting kinda interested decided on a rating and never came back to change it when they read through the whole thing. When i saw that it was tagged as seinen i was expecting a lot more than what i ended up with it was more like a kiddy story that when you were thirteen you thought would have been sorta kinky i honestly wasn't expecting much but it seemed the author was making the manga for kids rather than adults no where in the manga did i see something original or anything special about this manga if you're going to read this manga just note that

The way i see the story its about a kid almost perfect and seems like the author does a good job at making him seem popular while at the same time making it seem like all the girls that like him just would make him their fall back boy in case their real love doesn't work they would probably pick him up as a close second the ending there is so little conflict that the mc just looks like a kid having a bad day but if you just want to see a very boring romance story with the dumbest problems in the world this manga is a perfect candidate for it