Mar 5, 2015
cboyes7 (All reviews)
While I was disenchanted with the first season since it was just a jumble of events, the past two seasons in the series have been steadily getting better. With Motto running true to the Manga and kind of having some plot flow it still fell a little short in storytelling. Darkness solved those errors and the only reason I gave it a 9 is because I am able to follow the sequence of events throughout this season without asking myself, "Where did this come from?" or "Why is this even included?".

I am a fan of the fanservice and harem genre but I was lost before this season but I'm happy I stuck it out to get to watch this. Although I am a little disappointed by the fact that Haruna and Lala don't play prevalent roles, Momo makes up for it with her scheming. Overall it was definitely more enjoyable this season and I hope they build on this success going into Darkness 2.