Mar 2, 2015
Fellika (All reviews)
I'm writing this review because I literally just finished reading the whole manga and it's one of the most tear jerking manga you will find. The story is so different and so surreal and it's so hard to comprehend the shoes that the main character is trying to withhold. She's suffering daily and daily with the love of her life and simply the life that she has while holding her lover's hand. It's amazing how this one author can make so many tragedies while making it beautiful at the same time.
Reminded me of Bokura ga ita's art. Didn't really bother me.. I mean for me the characters and the story plot is all that matters. The art isn't mad though, like if you prefer bi-shies that are abnormally shiny..go ahead you do you. Though I do admit the way that the art is being portrayed is unique and feels like you're in every position that each characters are in.
Oh my, so many characters but each characters are so important to the point that they hold a very important meaning in a real life situation. The only thing I didn't like was that the girl tended to cry constantly but the way the guys consoled her kind of made up for all that sobbing, so I think i'm good.
I really really really enjoyed this series. It was beautiful. I would go home after school everyday and directly go to my computer and read this manga because I was so interested and couldn't wait for something to happen. It was fun, sad, emotional, and romantic at many areas. I do recommend this manga to 16+ of age because there are many and I mean MANY times where they have sex, rape, and many of those things that are unpleasing to a child's eye. But, if you can withstand such areas and focus on the main plot itself, well.. I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!
I really loved it so much, can't tell you how many times I cried and normally after a manga I don't watch the drama, but since I really loved this manga, I decided to watch it after all and that means something. Well then I hope you read it and it is NOT a waste of your time like other views that are said around me -.-