Mar 2, 2015
LAOG (All reviews)
Kimi to Kami Hikouki to, is a 4-koma by Hazuki, Maccha. A cute, simple, and light-hearted story about two childhood friends, and some paper airplanes.

Like most other 4-komas, this story follows the typical 4-cell format. It’s full of light-hearted jokes, and has a simplistic storyline. Kei, our protagonist of the story, finds himself at odds with himself, as he tries to grasp what his feelings for his childhood friend (the heroine) Rin are. During the story we meet Rin, a shy girl who communicates with the majority of people with paper airplanes. The paper airplanes are a symbolic bond that she shares with Kei, and also serve as a sense of stability for Rin. The only main issue here is that the story itself is too short, or like many other 4-komas, lacks any actual character development or concrete plot.

The art for this 4-koma is nice and simplistic. The simplicity of the art adds to the overall cute and light atmosphere that Hazuka is trying to create with her story. The characters all have a nice amount of detail and standout well from each other. The cell panels are usually full of great details in the background of the panels, or on the expressions of the characters themselves, adding for a nice touch to the story.

A story with moments to make you giggle or have a nice sense of warmth. Kimi to Kami Hikouki to, is definitely a nice short-read for a rainy or gloomy day.