Feb 23, 2015
Onaki (All reviews)
I usually don't write about anything I watch... but for the people who are comparing this to Uta no prince-sama (One of my favorite Animes) obviously didn't watch this show- it has terrible character development... their voices are monotoned and their personalities are cookie-cutter Mary sues... The story starts off semi ok, but with all the secondhand embarrassment this show puts me through I really don't know what I watched... The guys are constantly negative and when they actually show any form of motivation it doesn't last long- or they're extremely unrealistically happy which makes me uncomfortable. It's overall boring and unless you've run out of anime to watch, give it an episode or 2 try and decide whether or not this is up your alley. If not, find something worth your time and save yourself 2 seasons of the same crap that drags on and on... don't even get me started on episode 5. Good lawrd...