Feb 22, 2015
Aiura (Anime) add (All reviews)
ashketch95 (All reviews)
Story: This anime is very short because it's twelve four-minute episodes, so it doesn't have much story to it. I like story as much as the next person, but because this is about the lives of three best friends in high school, I really don't mind it at all. Though there are moments that I ask myself why a certain scene exists, I just don't focus on it as much. With that said, I rate this portion a 9/10.

Art: Unless the stuff I usually watch, this anime is very cutesy in art. The style is much simpler than the styles used in anime such as Black Bullet, Ouran, and all that stuff. Still, I love it all the same because I don't see anything that's annoying. It also gives my eyes a break from not seeing so many things in one place, you know. 10/10

Sound: The beginning theme, I just skip over because it takes up most of the anime time, and it's not that enjoyable to listen to, but I know why it's there. The beginning of the anime is where all of the energy is, and the end is usually much calmer, which leads to the very cute ending theme. I can just listen to the ending all day without getting bored of it. I'd also give this a 9/10.

Character: Most people could say that characters in an anime like this make it super annoying. I don't find that to be the case. The three main girls, Saki, Kanaka, and Ayuko are very enjoyable. You have your energetic type, the serious one, and the girl who just sits back and lets things happen. Some of the background characters are enjoyable, too, even though they aren't in the episode that much. The homeroom teacher is so chill that I don't mad at her for doing nothing as much. 10/10

Enjoyment: This is all really cute and relaxing. This is not like some other shorts that tries to be funny by putting over exaggerated moments in them. This anime is really calm, and we need stuff like this. Just a slice of life that's really about life. If you're a person who wants to see actiony or very funny things, this anime may not be for you, but for relaxing purposes, give this a watch. 10/10

Overall: I don't have really much to put in this section because I pretty much explained it all above. The conclusion score is a rounded up 10/10.