Feb 21, 2015
InfiniteJam (All reviews)
Is This a Zombie? is an anime I seen pop up on Netflix and I'm glad to say that I gave it a watch! It reminded me of so many different shows such as "My Bride's A Mermaid", "B Gata H Kei", and "Heaven's Lost Property". This is not to say this anime doesn't have a charm of it's own. I went into this show with not knowing what I was getting into really because I had heard nothing about it. Not gonna lie, the 1st episode was a bit over the top for me at first, but you get adjusted to it shortly after. I believe the reason I liked this show so much was because of the expectations I had when I began to watch it. The thing is, I had none! So I was thoroughly surprised when certain scenes occurred. This anime is to never to be taken seriously, if you take it seriously you lose the whole point of the show, which is to entertain you rather than to tell some complex story with plot twists up the ass. Now let's get into the sections of the show and what I liked and disliked. (I haven't watched the OVAs and the 2nd season at the time I'm writing this review)

Story: 8
The show's story is a extremely weird but I LOVED IT. It's all about a boy who's name is Ayumu who was tragically killed by a serial killer and is brought back to "life" by a Necromancer named Eucliwood Hellscythe (Eu). Eu is the most powerful magical being in the world, but having all that power comes at a cost. After this encounter with Eu, Ayumu's life will never be the same. He then becomes friends with a Magical Garment Girl and a Vampire Ninja. Story sounds pretty crazy right? It only gets crazier as the story progresses. It was pretty unique and different in my eyes, so I enjoyed a lot.

I'm not very good when it comes to determining how Art is, compared to other anime and what not. But I enjoyed the art style for what it was. The colors really gave the show a nice feeling to it because they would always match depending on the scenario. Never seen any flaws with it in my eyes.

Sound: 7
To be completely honest, I don't remember hearing anything really memorable from the show. Which is a good and a bad thing. Its a good thing because it shows I found nothing wrong with the sound itself, but it didn't stand out much. So it was ok, the only song I remember was that blasted Ending. It was AMAZING, I almost always watched it whenever it came around. I honestly got giddy when it came to the end of episode so I could hear it again. The animation that goes with the ending also added to my enjoyment to it.

Characters: 8
The characters were both the one of the greatest things about the show and one of the downfalls of it as well. If you're not closely watching the show and just enjoying it for what it is, you'll find the 95% of the the characters are likeable and funny in their own ways. The situations they get themselves in are pretty hilarious as well. But when I took a better look at them, most of them are just one dimensional, there are a few exceptions mind you, but again MOST OF THEM are. Characters won't be much of a problem if you don't this anime seriously though. Most of them are all zany, even if they don't show it at first.

Enjoyment: 10
This is easily one of the funniest anime I've seen in a while. From the parodying of clichés, to the overall humor this anime provides, it's just a riot. Some people may find some of the rehashed jokes some characters use to be annoying but, I didn't mind them one bit. Another thing people may have a problem with is when this show is trying to be serious. This anime has the tendency to have a serious moment, have some humor and then a serious moment again. This may cause viewers to have a disconnect with serious moments. BUT, as I said before, this show is just for enjoyment. So if you don't take it seriously, you'll actually find some of the serious moments to be funny in itself. Some moments just didn't make sense even when I replayed over several times, but it didn't take away from my enjoyment

Overall: 8.5-9
This show was something I didn't imagine I'd like very much, contrary to this, halfway through the 1st episode is where I just fell in love with it. As I've stated several times in this review, if you take this show seriously you're not going to enjoy it much. If you turn your brain off for the 12 episodes this show has, you'll most likely enjoy it very much. Even when you turn your brain off, you may notice some things in the show that don't seem right, but you'll get over it no time.

P.S. In my opinion, I loved when this show showcased the different parodies of popular things that happen in other genres of anime and just of clichés in general. I would be bursting out with laughter XD