Feb 20, 2015
Rolas978 (All reviews)
Boy was this horribly mediocre. So the exposition variety hour stars senor generic shonen protagonist whos name I never bothered memorizing and his harem of equally generic girls that you can only tell apart because of their breast size. Despite how much exposition they throw at your face, I still barely have a clue of what the hell was happening in this manga. Here's all that I remember. So this manga is like Baka and Test where they can summon these creatures and its set in a school of contemporary future land... I think. But unlike Baka and Test, it lacks everything else. No funny or interesting characters, no nice art style that was pleasing to the eye, just blah. It also kinda reminds me of Needless since there's like this hole that contains something or another, I honestly can't remember. So back to that one thing about them being able to summon creatures, so the main character's summon thingy is supposedly the most powerful thing on the planet, but it's just this goofy looking tiger thing that reminds me of Taiga from Tora Dora. hmmmm... tora kiss... tora dora.... coincidence. I guess the point of that was to be #lolirony but I honestly don't care for that stuff. This manga kind of reminds me of Breaker New Waves in the sense that they were trying so hard to be cool and edgy but to me it just comes off as annoying.