Feb 20, 2015
Karelle (All reviews)
Yes, it’s kids’ anime. Why it’s so enjoyable to watch? Let’s see!
(Note: English isn’t my 1st language and anime is still running so I don’t know what’ll happen in the future)
I was really surprised to find out Sanrio is making a long running anime. Well, it’s very cute anime. Character designs are really lovely and stylish, especially boys are good looking and fresh. Girls are a bit of mainstream, the main protagonists are shy (Karon), outgoing (Momona) and boyish (Mizuki) girls.
Momona is at his cousin's wedding where she meets his beautiful wife and then she suddenly is wandering near the Jewel Palace, where all the lady candidates studies to become the number 1 lady!
During the 1st tasks clumsy Momona meets prince Cayenne, handsome and confident boy. When Momona starts to be around Cayenne more, Cayenne’s admirer Lilian says Momona can’t have him without being top lady. So hard road to aim for top place starts. But after Cayenne moves to another school nearby, another new prince called Miura arrives to palace. He starts solving the mysteries around school, Lilian and her mentor Lua. And why the Jewelland is bothered by long winter and odd monsters?

Overally, it’s been so far very fun to watch despite being kid stuff. It has elements of magical girl series, since the girls and their Jewelpets have jewelpods to change clothes etc. There's also some mystery, fighting and humor and of course the power of friendship. The opening and ending song by Fairies is awesome and all the music in this anime is really nice for my ears. Only thing what may bother sometimes is the very simple animation, and so far it had only one filler episode and one review ep.

Also the character developing is huge, clumsy girls get confident, shy girls more brave and so on. And all the handsome boys are just making you scream. Lady Jewelpet is also very romantic anime and all the pairings in the show are cute and works well.

If all the pink stuff and super kawaii jewelpets doesn’t scare you away, give it a chance! It gets better the more you watch it!