Feb 19, 2015
animimosa (All reviews)
it was propably ill fated from the beginning. tackle topics like individualistic aproach to life, art and genius seriously with a twinkle and finally expect a broad acceptance of the anime consumer - that is not realistic. and so here happened what happens as soon the producers with their red marked statistics take comand and try to turn it around. disaster.

in this case the inconsistency is quite remarkable. from a show intelligently grouping highly individual characters, to create entertaining misunderstandings not clumsely avoiding sex, we finally arrive at a very very mainstream, "ganbare, ganbare" crying, moralistic, crybaby slushy but puritanicly love denying cherry blossom convulsion. ouch.
you possibly got the point that the anamista is not amused about the development. in fact a properly unexplained but useful gas explosion of sakurasou as soon the ratings dropped would have been a far better solution than killing so thoroughly any individuality in the characters.
but to reach such a surprisingly high level of conformity from our promising starting point is an achievement in its own. the episode 23 is a model study of the worst taste. Hopefully the methods used never reach the understanding of ambitious formerly democratic forces on the verge to create a properly uniform world in a cherry blossom color.

so i restart the unabridged recording of the confederacy of dunces to clean somehow away the ugly aftertastes ...