Feb 18, 2015
blazingraz36 (All reviews)
|| Manga Recommendation/ Review ||

Manga - Lovely★Complex
Genres - Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo
Author - Nakahara Aya

So, You want to see the best possible shoujo manga with no utter bullshit, pure love, no love triangle and no fast pace romance? Lovely complex is way to go. Lovely Complex perfectly portrays the romance between two people who are having height complex. The story isn't fast paced and it takes sensibly appropriate time for the love to bloom, romance doesn't just start automatically in 3-4 chapters but you see the hint of love developing.

Story(9/10) - The story was really cute and pure, it feels like the reader might swept away with the flow of the storyline. The plot doesn't have the typical shoujo story where both protagonist start loving each other in mere 3 chapters, it takes time as they interact, fight and enjoy their time together. So the story is perfectly well-timed, full of lovey-dovey moments and unique concept taken to above-par with script writing.

Art(7/10) - The art was good too with typical shoujo style drawing. the characters are drawn perfectly suiting the script but still being a vivid seinen reader, i felt the art to be lacking. The use of various screentones too were well-used.

Enjoyment(10/10) - I have tried reading about 5-6 shoujo manga and dropped all of them except for lovely complex. This was by-far the greatest one i read and story just kept on going interesting. Never did i felt like stopping and completed it with 4-5 days. Most of the shoujo manga i tried reading have suddenly love bloom and kissing in about 3 chapters and having bigass and long fights due to third character, but lovely complex was free from it, even if the third wheel caused a fight, their love didn't falter and they got back. this was rather cute and happy manga.

Overall (8.5/10) - I have said this above too i think but again with quotation and in capital :-