Jan 2, 2008
Emoney_1986 (All reviews)
First off I would like to begin by saying that I am a big Tenchi fan. I feel this movie is one of the best that I have seen in while(although i know its been out for some time now as well). It uses the limited amount of time for a movie well by taking the characters we already know and giving them a serious new problem to figure out in a completely different setting. The characters once again use their own unique talents to help solve it, but the movie provides the viewers with some new important information about Tenchi's mother and father. It also shows how the stage was set up for Tenchi after he was born from the house to his mother. The only downside that I could see in the movie was that the arch villain, Kane, lacked a little development outside his need to stop the people who had imprisoned him in the past. The movie did a good job keeping me on the edge of my seat especially toward the end and also made me smile and laugh throughout. I would highly recommend picking up the Tenchi Muyo! Movie Collection