Jan 2, 2008
stealthy_tokyo (All reviews)
This manga is adorable =D It goes beyond my expectations and is still a joy to read.

I loved the anime more, but the manga is more in depth. The art for the anime seemed more furnished while the manga's seemed rough-draft. Even so, both anime and manga are enjoyable whether you like to read the manga or watch the anime.

This anime/manga really exceeds in the categories of Romance and Comedy. I love it even more because the characters are so well developed through the course of the manga. The storyline really lets their personalities shine. What makes it even better is the storyline is so simple and silly it fits perfectly with how the anime/manga is portrayed. xD

I admit, the relationships seem to go pretty slow for me, but this is a manga that I wait anxiously for the next chapter to come out. This is the one and only manga I tend to stalk ever so often. =]