Feb 16, 2015
FlameZtoChar (All reviews)
Story: Think No Game No Life combined with Btooom. It's a psychological anime, yet it's unique. It doesn't even have any serious tragedy. Even those who are not into mindf@&# -like myself- will enjoy this.
It's about a bunch of kids who can't adapt in the real world being warped into a mirror image of the world and told to participate in games with their lives at stake. These games are different to what any one might expect from an anime like this and actually make sense and are exiting. You would find a cliff hanger of sorts at the centre of each episode which will make your heart go crazy and your eyes will be practically glued to the screen. However dispite it being unique in many ways there still are plenty of similiar story lines so one might find it to be a bit of a rip-off. (9)

Art: The art is pretty and unlike most anime of the genre; doesn't have this dark and scary feeling. You'll find blood and gore in this show to some extent, but it won't colour your vision. It emphasizes on light and harmony in colours, bringing forth brilliant details, but for an anime of this era it isn't particularly spectacular. (8)

Sound: This is a bit of a let down. The sound is fine and you could say unique, but still not particularly interesting. The voices of the characters aren't the cutsy type you normally get, nor the rough types you sometimes get, but something in between - but closer to the rough type- and have the proper emotions in place. This however is not enough to make them enjoyable. There is no OP and the ED is a simple piano stereotypical Alice in Wonderland tune, but it's quite fitting really. (7)

Characters: The characters are all different and you can see the layers they might be hiding and the psychological strain they are under. They make some progress and discover their hidden abilities -like observation not like a rasengan or stuff-, but it doesn't take long as expected from a three episode long anime. Despite all this the characters are still all quite stereotypical: you get the wimp, the strong guy, the smart observant guy and etc. (6)

Enjoyment: The enjoyment is a lot more than what you'd expect from a three episode long OVA. As a matter of fact it's absolutely perfect. You will find yourself getting the whole story well enough despite the few episodes, but still craving for more. (10)

Genre: Action & Psychological.
Non-existing Genre: Tragedy.