Jan 2, 2008
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stealthy_tokyo (All reviews)
I don't know if I"m being too generous on this manga or not, but I'll tell you one thing, I've read this manga over and over again and it is awesome xD

Why do I like it? The two main characters is outstanding. It's one of those where one person is "I love you but you don't get it so I'll wait" while the other person is "I love this guy buy why can't I accept him?" Basically, it's hard-to-get type xD

I also love the art. The proportions, details, backgrounds, and characters are very well drawn. It may be all in the style, but it is portrayed very well =]!

The storyline could be better but it's simple enough to understand and makes the manga a joy to read.

This is among my favorites for Yaoi Manga. It does very well in all catergories of a good manga,