Feb 15, 2015
Karen (Anime) add (All reviews)
Rolas978 (All reviews)
Well since nobody's reviewed it so far, might as well add something. This was also among some of the first hentai I've ever seen and in comparison to others, it doesn't really hold up all that well. It pains me to say that, but it's the sad truth. I mean come on, ViperGTS was made during the same year. What kinda ruins this hentai for me is how little I remember of it. I actually remember the non-H scenes more than I remember the H-scenes. That's fucked. All the H-scenes in this show have been done by other hentais and done way better. The walking around with the toys was done better in Dirty Laundry. The gang bang scene was done better in Night When Evil Falls. The one shining moment in this hentai is at the very end when the two guys walk into the room and she turns into the super pervert, but sadly the show ends before they do anything. The design of the main character is pretty lack luster, but at the one thing that helps me remember her is the fact that she has tan skin. I usually don't see tan skinned girls in hentai, it's strange. Anyway, this show had some potential to at least be above average, but sadly it just couldn't pull it off.