Feb 12, 2015
shast007 (All reviews)
is it worth to use your memories exchange of greater power?
some of us have good and bad memories, and some of us will use our memories in exchange of greater power because they have more bad memories than good.

story: 8
the story continue, and yet the student who made they own country still fighting for no reason. Still l-elf is the one who carry the whole anime, because of her title " one man army " ( most likely lelouch ). In my opinion, season 2 of Kakumeiki Valvrave have a good flow of story, because the viewers are starting to become confuse of the story, why? In season 1 of Kakumeiki Valvrave, there are some still hole that cant be cover ( or spoiler from the future), and yet they still adding that "hole" even in this season. Even thought there is a hole, i can still cover it when im watching this anime because my thought is not on future, but on this present story of anime, i know some of the viewer always think on that future matters, and not on the main thought of story.
there is another story in there:
one day you will see something a different species, and when you see it you cant understand its language, and after a minute it copy your language and talk to you, then what will you do? 95% you will get a weapon and kill it right and the remaining 5% is, when you are weird enough you will talk to it and keep it at home, later it will become start of alien invasion.
I mean, if we are normal human we will kill it and not to communicate to it, the "magus or alien" stating that the human start the war? there is a part that human have a mistake part here and there is a time that magus or an alien have a wrong part here.

dorsian mecha is to unrealistic, well Kakumeiki Valvrave is from gundam seed/destiny, and some of the viewer ( me ) expecting a mecha from dorsian is good enough like a second generation of valvrave

preserve rose ( s1 op) is good enough and have a good impact because its from gundam seed destiny version, but on Kakumeiki Valvrave s2 op i can say its average.
some of the insert instrumental music is good for battle soundtrack and they 100% fit on the anime. There is a drama part in there and some of music in there is fit too the scene.
character voice:
anime is enjoyable when you all know who is there character voice.
Kakumeiki Valvrave have a all star seiyuu.
The F5- l-elf ( ryouhei kmura) h-neun ( mamoru miyano ) x-eins ( yohimasa hosoya) q-vier ( yuuki kaji ) and a-drei ( jun fukuyama )
i wont mention the others because they are to many of them, but i can say they are all good and all of them are in one anime.

enjoyment: 9
Kakumeiki Valvrave s1 and s2 can be market by girls because there are some part that have boys x boys relationship or a bit shounen ai, even thought i enjoy it because of drama and action.

the truth is, i enjoy this anime very much, its the same as other anime that have good ending, but this is the first anime i watch mecha-drama type that make you cry. The ending is not good or not bad, well average because i accept the ending of this anime. ( accept means im not expecting if there is a season 3 of this ).