Feb 10, 2015
Fellika (All reviews)
Ok don't be fooled with the cover picture!

Ok to be quite honest I thought that since the cover picture looked funny, the whole story and people would be funny. Lemme just say, I was totally wrong! The story line has an amazing unique feel to it that makes you want to either laugh, be amazed, or simply fan girl! I so far NEED more chapters to come out because it's overall amazing to the point of dieing! I mean the humor is so different and so out there! The romance is way too cute, like makes you wish there were more!

Ok the guys, in one word, are hottttt!!!!! The art was amazing!!! They detalized the characters and the background, if that is a word... Anyway, the art is so important factor of creating a story and an enjoyable piece of artwork to read in a manga! Couldn't get enough!

Each character were important and were soo fun to analyze that it just made your brain explode! I couldn't get enough of them! Like I said, HAWT GUYS!!!! What I also liked was that the girl aren't those girls who are desperate for help and just sits in the sidelines letting their partners do all the work, no, the main people actually cares about one another and looks for ways to help each other, and I think that is verry important in a daily situation and in a manga!hehe

As you can see I rated it as a 10 and it was mean't to be a 10 based on my standards. I loveee it and it was unique! I don't just say 10 for everything and it's such a waste if you don't give it a go!

Overall- 10
This will not be a waste of your time, instead a new opening for different types of manga! Again, don't be fooled by the picture (I think it's pretty cute though) but it doesn't fully summarize the amazing story of the manga and the romance is just too cute!!! This is an amazing romantic comedy that you cannot miss!!!