Feb 9, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Dog Days Season 3: Nothing Really Exceptional Here...

In all honesty, the first season of Dog Days touched my heart. It told a very subtle, light-hearted, romantic tale with a basic plotline that really defined the value of simplicity. With the story being so brilliantly executed with minor flaws, I could easily consider it one of my favorite animes.

However, I've noticed that season 2 and 3 share a similar problem- the plot never gets anywhere. Everything just feels so bland, and from an analytic perspective, makes it feel very lacking. Both the characters and the story remain shallow, and development was minimal.

One good quality that all the seasons of Dog Days share is the music. In my opinion, I think the music was phenomenal. All the openings sounded great, and the OSTs themselves were a simply magnificent collection. From the fanfares to the marches, to what even sounds like ancient medieval church hymns, the music really did enhance the powerful feeling of love and chivalry.

Argh... Getting off track.
My point is that Dog Days season 3 still possesses the same kind of potential as season 1, but the problem is that we're getting a jumbled up, rushed series, with practically no plot. After 5 episodes, the only real positive thing I can say is that I'm happy to be revisiting the world of Flonyard. The setting is one of the strongest points of this show.

Well guys, thanks for your time in reading my REALLY sidetracked review! I hope this gives you a better perspective on what to expect from this anime. If not, I do sincerely apologize, but still, thank you for your time.
Reviewer’s Rating: 6
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