Feb 6, 2015
brynolf (All reviews)
Ok, so by itself the original "To Heart" was awful, but it actually makes a lot of sense as a prequel to "Remember my memories". Where the first season was shallow, episodic harem nonsense, this season expands in every dimension and is actually really good.

Nothing spectacular when it comes to graphics, but decent character design. Boy, am I getting repetitive or what?

Actually, it's too bad they didn't stick with the original art style. The graphics were far better in the first season.

Good voice acting (except for the obviously fake Amewrican Remmy/Lemmy.

The intro tune is likeable, but background music and ending theme are pretty bland.

RMM is a direct continuation of the first season, and considering that was just an introduction of all the characters, the actual story begins here. And it's a good one. Both backstory and depth is developing, and it turns out to be something as unusual as a plausible and catching drama.

Remember my memories might not be very original (reminding of stuff like Chobits, Kimi ga nozomou Eien etc), but it fuses clichés together in a brilliant way.

Since all of the characters got introduced in the first season, RMM can focus on developing them instead. And it is an impressive amount of character development going on. None of that boring episodic "girl of the week" nonsense, instead everyone get screen time when it fits the story.

Most of the characters are very likeable (Remmy's irritatingly bad english and the witchcraft girl are notable exceptions) and act pretty much like real people.

The Anime keep translation was good, no complaints there.

I love it when a second season makes the first one make sense.l Makes me want to watch them both again some time.