Feb 6, 2015
Kaumori (Anime) add (All reviews)
DeadlySilvers (All reviews)
Why do Bats hide during the Day and come out at Night?

The focus on this short movie is placed upon the Bat; an Animal belonging to neither the beasts nor the birds. The story is simplistic, two factions are at war over an undisclosed reason; each side mercilessly killing the other for simply being different.

This Anime aired in 1930. The animation is ancient compared to today's standards but its got a certain undefinable charm like most old Anime. The art, animation and voice work isn't the reason for watching this short movie. The reason is to gain respect for older styles of animation and to glimpse back into the past at what Anime once was and enjoy it.

The story is average but entertaining. It's a measly 10 minutes and worth watching if you want to hear an interesting tale about a Bat and a moral lesson in discrimination.