Feb 6, 2015
brynolf (All reviews)
A short and very cliché OAV. Still cute and filled with nude shots. Not the worst I have seen, but nothing too memorable either.

The animation is well done, with a rather unique "western comic book" style. Action sequences and special effects look very good, and naked chicks are never wrong either.

The intro song fits well with the "western" theme (it doesn't sound as japanese as most of the intro songs out there) and was very (edit: VERY) likable by my standards.

Background music and sound effects are also nice and fitting. Voice acting is ok, nothing outstanding and nothing horrible.

Bad story. The plot is obviously just an excuse for animating naked chicks fighting with super-powers. The plot twists are very cliché, but I suppose the whole OAV is supposed to be a parody of all the epic stuff out there, so it's not entirelly bad.

There are not a lot of characters in this short series, and none of them is very interesting. The hardened female cop and the childish Honey complement each other nicely, though.

The bad guys (or girls) are funny sometimes, but the main reason for them being there is tearing the clothes off Honey. A task in which they succeed very well, I might add.

I watched this for the sole reason of it being so short, and it was... well, cute. Nothing I'll watch again though. If I want tits, there are better alternatives out there.