Feb 6, 2015
Temere (All reviews)
A lot of the older "fighting hero" type shows have something about them that all the modern day ones do not. While I'm unsure what that is, it always seems to be the 90's shows that entertain me no matter what their target demographic is.

Pretty cure is almost exactly what you'd expect a magical girl anime aimed at pre and early teens, to be. Each and every episode is an excuse to kick ass. However unlike some shows of this age, Pretty Cure ties it all in despite being 49 episodes long, making it seem like there are no fillers and every episode, whether it even just be character development, is there for a reason. They go though their everyday school life while dealing with things an everyday student of that age would deal with. Only, to make it more entertaining, they throw in magic powers and someone to beat up every episode with the final battles spanning over a few episodes.

The art, for today's age cant be held much for trail as what's released today is much sharper and higher quality, not to mention the animation progressions allow more moving objects to be on screen at any one time. However for it own time of the late 90's, this is surprising well done, even for a childrens show. The occasional 3D for some items or major beings, while is clearly noticeable in the show, it still blends in astoundingly well. From there the rest of the animation can be jumpy at, time of large battles and seem like too much is happening too fast. However rarely does the animation noticeable stand out from the background and scenery as it all blends well and makes it all seem it was made together and not animations done over a still canvas. But then comes in irritably noticeable time scenes are reused. Some to the point where you lose count and just make you skip past it back to the actual show.

Music was very off and on. Many times were themes reused every single episode. Although there were a few themes that will actually make you move to the beat they're that catchy. Whether you like rock, jazz, orchestra or something more funk. Precure has it and it does it well.

Character is everywhere. From main to secondary and villains. Everyone has their own personality and for a school setting, they're played amazingly on key, its astounding how relate-able they can be. While there main two heroines are the shows main focus, there are episodes where even the secondary character get a lot of character development and it really works with tying into the main characters story line as it is called upon and mentioned in later episodes.

Enjoyment is... Well quite touch and go, while it has many entertaining parts. It has just as many cringe worthy moments that made you want to skip ahead. They seemed to go quite hand in hand as every second episode one or the other seems to happen. Lastly while each episode, when you take out the into and endings, is about 21 mins you still end up skipping more when you take into account the reused scenes that get really freaking boring to see every single episode.