Feb 3, 2015
literaturenerd (All reviews)

Few anime are quite as infamously bad as Voltage Fighter Gowkaizer. What is wrong with it? What is RIGHT about it? The art is the worst in the history of anime, the story is terrible, the characters suck, the dub is an absolute joke, the soundtrack is lackluster, EVERYTHING is simply awful!

When comic geeks bring up the topic of the absolute WORST comic artist of all time, it is always a fight between Greg Land and Rob Liefeld. However, anime geeks don't really have an equivalent that all fans universally think is a horrible artist. This is one reason fans of American Comics often dislike Japanese anime and manga. US comic fans believe that the Japanese use a VERY simplistic art style that is easy to draw and the difference in quality between the "worst" and "best" is basically indiscernible.

I have heard this argument MANY times from my fellow Americans. I respond to them with one name: Masami Obari. Isayama the author of Attack on Titan said the Colossal Titan in AOT was taken from the cover of an anatomy text book. Isayama needs to lend that textbook to Obari for the good all that is holy! Bodies are contorted in absolutely inhuman poses, arms are thicker than legs, facial features are distorted even by anime standards etc. If Obari was TRYING to draw a trippy nightmare to disturb the viewer, this would be impressive. Unfortunately, he is being dead serious and is simply a HORRIBLE artist.

The story tries and utterly fails to adapt the already plain story from an obscure fighting game of the same name. I never played the game because it was only released on the Neo Geo: the console that absolutely NO ONE owned. I grew up with a friend whose evil parents bought him a Phiips CDI and forced him to play it because it was an "educational" system. I played those God awful CDI games growing up, but I didn't know ANYONE that owned a Neo Geo. The main reason is that the system cost over 600$ in 1990 and each game was 300$. Was it simply THAT much better in graphics compared to other game systems as it claimed? Not really. It used 24 bit graphics at a time when other systems used 16 bit graphics. It was a technically superior system in that regard, but not by much. Honestly there isn't much to say about the story or characters. It is a generic post apocalyptic battle anime that is sort of a mix between Street Fighter and Violence Jack...only way more boring.

Overall: 1/10

The next time you meet some jackass that says Bleach, Elfen Lied, or Angel Beats is the "worst anime of all time" kick the shit out of that guy and make him watch Voltage Fighter GOWKAIZER! This is the standard by which other bad anime should be measured.