Feb 3, 2015
ultimategamer95 (All reviews)
(My first review... let's see how this goes (pls don't bash on it if it's too bad :L))

So after re-watching the original Beyblade series for like the 12th time (lost count, lol), I decided to right a review and stuff.

Story: The story of this show tries it's best to grab your attention and prepare you as much as possible, and it achieves this quite well. Though in my opinion the story could of been better, it still contains many breathtaking moments whilst is goes way more in-depth than it did with the first two seasons. The dialogue has also improved quite a bit in this season, along with more emotional moments being included.

Animation/Artwork: To be honest, I'd say this season has the best animation out of all the original series; it just looks pretty damn stunning. I really can't see how they could improve the animation from this show in all honesty (ok, they kinda did for the metal saga, but that's a different story). As for artwork, I could say exactly the same, apart from certain character designs which I'm not really a fan of (key word: certain... as in some). You can read more about my character opinions down below, though.

Sound Effects: The SEs in this season in my opinion are a huge improvement over the first two seasons; they sound way more realistic etc.
Voices: Not really much different from the previous seasons, and to be honest, I prefer the original voices better, as they just suited each character in my opinion. This doesn't mean I don't like the voices in this season; I still think they're pretty great, just not as good :P
Music: Now the music from this season is arguably the best from the series. With tracks such as "Rise Above the Storm" and "I'm Not Going Down", this show has tracks everyone of all ages will love! Also, may I add that every song plays at the exact right time and fits in with the scene they play in perfectly.
10/10 for sound.

Character: Personally, I'm gonna have to rate the characters overall an 8/10. Why? At first I was gonna rate the character a solid 10, but looking back to how the creators made certain characters weak in this season (such as Lee, Tala, Michael and so on), the fact that some of the good characters from the first two seasons were left out (or us rarely being able to see them), and that certain characters' designs suck compared to previous seasons (but it isn't a major deal, I guess). I could go on about negative points about some of the older characters, but bleh. Again, this is just my opinion.
As for everything else however, I have no problem at all; most characters, if not all matured quite a lot by the end (and not as annoying as previous seasons (for example: V-Force's Tyson)) and even more! Apart from some of the characters being made weaker, this season definitely tries its best to bring out the best in each character.
Again, an 8/10 for character.

Enjoyment: Very enjoyable show, and honestly I find it way better than just watching your average sport on TV. 10/10. Nothing else to really say here, apart from go and look at the other segments of this review for more information and opinions (saves me repeating stuff, etc).

Overall: This was, in my opinion, an almost perfect ending, if not a perfect ending to the original Beyblade series. Great story, good enough characters, amazing soundtrack, it has it all! I really do wish they'd make a sequel to this season, but judging by the pretty much perfect ending, I doubt it'd happen.
As for other general negative points about this anime... I really can't think of anything, haha.

Overall I'd rate this season (and probably the whole series, actually) a 10/10.
If you're into competition, sports, friendship, rivalry, want a lot of lovable characters and a lot of action, then this anime is definitely for you!

Could have made this review quite a bit longer if I wanted to, but I figured it'd be way too much to read, so I'll leave it at this.

Oh and did I mention... Original Beyblade is still one of my favorite anime to date :3 (...I just find it too nostalgic to let it drift away from me ok?! ;~;)