Feb 3, 2015
Clannad (Anime) add (All reviews)
Drakkolich (All reviews)
Where do I begin with this. When I first saw Clannad it popped up in a search for different genres of anime that I was interested in. I got into the first episode without knowing a single thing about Clannad, I didn't look at any overviews or synopses on Clannad, I didn't even know there was a visual novel. Anywho, so I get into the first episode and while watching I'm thinking okay what's so special about this? At the time it was nothing but I decided to continue on, and at the end of the first episode I think is this going to be some magical show? Well it does become one in a unusual sense (but I'm getting ahead of myself). So I start to get more interested in the show because I started showing some relation to a few of the characters and their personalities. Clannad is definitely a one of a kind anime/visual novel, I say this because the way the creator's made their characters and gave them their traits was astounding. They didn't give the characters any unrealistic goals, they didn't give the females unrealistic body figures, the male characters weren't always talking about breasts (I know that's not with every anime but in a good portion of animes dealing with high schoolers there is a lot), they created the characters to be like just about anybody else out there, which is one of the big reasons I got hooked. There were some fantasy like things that occurred in the anime, which gave a good feeling to the story. I like how they included a legend/myth about the town and how it comes into play a few times actually. The artwork they did on the anime was really good as well, it didn't feel choppy, it was clean drawing (it didn't feel like anything wasn't as good as it should have been.). The music that was mixed in with the anime as well made it feel like it really went with the story, the music didn't feel out of place in other words.