Feb 2, 2015
Blska1441 (All reviews)
Why are you all hating?

The plot may be difficult to follow, but when it all finally clicks into place you end up sitting there like "HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THIS?" Don't give up on Dramatical Murder just because you don't understand what is going on in the first episode. Or the second...Or third...Or...Well you get the point (Amnesia fans understand the struggle).

Each time I clicked 'next episode', I felt as if someone rammed something into my brain and started picking on it : "Oh look..You've seen this character before. Haven't you? Ohhhh he seemed suspicious! I knew it! I knew it!". In essence the author did an amazing job at trowing javelins at my imagination through plot twists. You'll never know what will happen next.

In reference to the art...Well hella. The detail of the landscape is quite similar to Durarara or Cross Ange (basically a 'society in the future' landscape). However, it has it's own 'high' to it. When you watch, notice that most of the city is animated as if behind a block of ice. It's blurry, shiny and magnificent. But the blurriness foreshadows the instability of perfection created by humans in Dramatical Murder. And the characters...Well they're all completely (and I mean totally) to die for. Each of the (significant or insignificant) characters have incredibly beautiful eyes that pierce straight through your anime/manga-loving heart. But...That's not all that captivated me when it came down to their looks. All of them were unique in a million different ways. You need to see it to understand.

Characters? Characters...Yes...Well...I need you to promise me something ok? Have tissues near (Not just for tears if you know what I mean). The moment I laid my eyes on Aoba and Ren, I needed more. Aoba is the main character, and let me tell you... Everyone wants, loves and adores Aoba (For whatever reason). However...His personality pivots between Kaneki-ken (and his struggle to remain human) and Mikado Ryuugamine (who fights to stay a simple human despite his curiosity). He is beyond special and so is his Grandma and his dog, and all his friends ( :D ).

But I don't want to be too specific, or i'll spoil everything for you.

In general the characters were all quite well developed (Even supporting characters had a unique personality that made them stand out). Each radiated a different side of humanity. They all had their fears, goals, grudges and dreams that eventually lead them to Aoba. I bet you'll find yourself in at lest one of them.

I don't know If I motivated you to watch DM, but please consider it. It's a work of art. You will remember the names of the characters even if it's a 12 episode anime.

Cheers --