Feb 1, 2015
Fearhunter (All reviews)
While this anime is not one of the most popular comedy ones out there, I had a great time watching this. An anime about a high school student who gets cursed by the statue of the cat Jizou and suddenly has to grant the wishes of a 100 cats isn't very appealing, although it's really worth a shot.

Story (7/10)

The story doesn't look very appealing and I wasn't expecting much of it but boy, was I proven wrong! They managed to keep the plot interesting until the end. There weren't any ridiculous plot twists (Alright, actually there were but they were funny as hell). There weren't any forced jokes in there.

Art (7/10)

Nothing outstanding but it doesn't burn your eyes.

Sound (7/10)

There isn't an enormous soundtrack for this anime but with the very few tracks that they had, they still managed to create a fitting atmosphere.
They did a good job on the voice acting. (Also, the protagonist didn't sound like a six years old)

Character (8/10)

There aren't too many characters in the series, every character that they introduce is somewhat important to the plot. Every character has a decent personality, they aren't some predictable garbage.

Enjoyment (8/10)

I had a great time watching this one since it's not too long and unpredictable. Also, the humour is well paced.

You should really give this one a shot, even if the plot doesn't seem appealing to you. In the end, it's only 12 episodes long. Does it really matter?