Feb 1, 2015
Rolas978 (All reviews)
You know, I have a rule for anime. I call it the second rule of anime and it's that you should never put tits on a loli. I bring this up because this show kinda takes that rule and warps it. Instead of a loli with big tits, now we have a loli with the most massive wang you've ever seen in your life. She has a bigger wang than the monsters in Kuroinu Kedakaki. Watching this, I had the weirdest erection as I'm sure most people who watch this do. From beginning to end, it's just nonstop crazy over the top nonsense, watching girls have sex with other girls and most of these girls have dicks and it's just glorious. It's like watching bible black but more accessible? If you'd call it that. Either way, I liked it.