Feb 1, 2015
Rolas978 (All reviews)
Man, what the hell happened. The first episode was great, all the girls were memorable, which is surprising since they did 4 god damn characters in the span of 23 minutes. Honestly though, the main male character made the first episode so great. He was genuinely funny. I'm really conflicted as to which girl I liked the most in episode 1, the masochist, the sporty girl, or the blue haired girl. I didn't really like the girl in the chinese dress, she kinda got on my nerves. With such a fantastic first episode, I came into episode 2 with high expectations, but as soon as it started it was squandered. Nothing interesting at all. Is it just me or did the guy's character design change? Why did they change it anyway, I liked the design he had in episode 1. Also, as the show progresses, the quality of the art and animation goes to shit. Episode 3 feels like a big fuck you. You know you messed up somewhere where you can't remember any of the girls in the episode and the only memorable thing about it was the shitty ending. Overall, great first episode, but the other two were horribly disappointing.