Jan 31, 2015
vampalchemist (All reviews)
Code Geass from top to bottom passed all check marks that make up not just a great anime but a masterpiece.

The goal was simple. Avenge mother and create world peace for the sake of your sister, only it's never that simple. Along the quest for world peace there was a lot of manipulation, deception, twist, and turns that leave you in awe every step of the path.

We have our main protagonist Lelouch Vi Britannia the teenager with the power of geass who plans to overturn Britannia's rule over the Japanese even though Lelouch himself is Britannia. This is what makes the characters so complex, they all have incredible drive to do what they feel is right no matter the hardship they face. The Black Knights the supposed "bad guy terrorists" will have you rooting for them every step of the way, making you decipher what side of justice you are on and how to obtain it.

The sound just like the visuals were works of art. The soundtracks fit into all of the situations needed;
Fans: "We need a kickass soundtrack for the fighting"
Creator: "Here you go"
Fans: "We need a crazy soundtrack for the epicness "
Creator: "Here you go"
Fans: "We need a soundtrack for the sad moments"
Creator: "Here you go"
Fans:........Damn you're good

As stated previously this anime is a masterpiece of a show not just an anime, and is considered a must watch for any who have not bear witness to it. I'd advise you to get off this site and watch it NOW!!