Jan 30, 2015
chubar (All reviews)
Today, we’re looking at his cat diary that he wrote when he and his wife first got married. In the manga, he dubbed over their names and called them like J-san, A-ko, Yon, Muu, etc. It actually hardly matters because the focus on the story on how he’s trying to cope living with cats, since he’s a dog person.

What makes this pretty funny is that he’s telling a non-horror story using his signature horror style. It kinda makes things creepier than he intended but once you’re stuck in a style, it’s hard to get out of it.

There are a lot of moments where we can relate to – trying to get the cat’s affections, when cats do weird things, when cats run away. The cats themselves definitely have their own personalities and honestly, I think Junji wasn’t entirely serious on doing this manga in the first place. It says what it is right on the tin: a cat diary.

He learns things that people like him would learn about cats and how people are with them. I don’t have much to say about it because it’s really cute and it’s really funny. Within the manga, there’s also some questions some fans would ask him and he’d earnestly answers them!

If you’re a cat fan, you’ll relate to this manga. If you’re a Junji Ito fan, then this is a funny piece of trivia to have in your arsenal. It’s a nice and light read to kill some time but I wouldn’t really want to pick it up over and over again unless I can truly relate to the antics (which I probably won’t since I have cat allergies).