Jan 30, 2015
Rolas978 (All reviews)
This was very fascinating to me. It's one of the very few hentai out there where the characters intrigue me. It tells the story of a train molester and his newest target: a loli (how original). I learned about this after reading a comment on the an episode of kuroinu kedakaki, where a person was discussing this show. Can't remember what they said but I decided to look it up and watch it anyway. So the first episode starts off with a monologue by the train molester and honestly I found it interesting. It's short, but in summary what he said was "I had thought I had given up molesting but for some reason when I see this girl something inside me breaks." Not sure why, but this intrigues me. But hands down, the most interesting person in this story is the loli he decides to go after. Really quick, the loli looks cute and she makes really good expressions when the guy is feeling her up, it's great. Anyway, what makes her so interesting is how she develops. At first, she doesn't want it to happen (obviously) but as the story goes on, she starts to enjoy it. The show ends with her saying how the guy that molests her is a bad man, but it's shown she chooses to go back to the same spot everyday, knowing very well that the guy will be there waiting for her. Anyway, enough of that nonsense, let's get down to what people are really curious about: how does the hentai aspect hold up? It's pretty damn good. Even though in the first episode there's no actual penetration, just watching him fondle her is still engaging. Plus when he starts playing with her butt, it's awesome. There are little segments in between both episodes that feature different girls, both of whom get molested on the train as well. Best part of this hentai: the look on her face when they're in the bathroom stall and he's about to blow his load. God, that image is forever burned into my brain with how erotic it was.