Aug 20, 2009
ebasilio (All reviews)
So check this out Happy Lesson is comedy anime but wasnt on my scale for the best anime i've seen but then again theres worse. Basicly the plot is based on 5 teachers who live with an orphan and all try to become his mother and try to make him a better student through different methods. So nothing new right. Seen this in countless anime where a male character lives or are surronded with a bunch of female characters ex. Love Hina.

Main characters are Chitose, the orpahn who moves in the house of his deceased parents. He trys to hide his feelings about his "mothers" but every now and then they leak.
Mutsuki Ichimonji his homeroom teacher and usually cleans and cooks around the house. Shes pressures Chitose to study. At home she wears a maid outfit.
Kisaragi Ninomai (personal favorite) she is the science teacher. She seems like shes emotionless but loves her son Chitose alot. You see that she experiments alot on Chitose.
Yayoi Sanzenin is the nurse and priestess but the school doesnt know about that. She has a calm demeanor unless she senses danger and then puts her sword skills to work.
Uzuki Shitenno is the art teacher and is small. She is for the most part is happy and cheerful. Shes usually wears wings because shes into cosplay.
Satsuki Gokajo is the p.e teacher and is serious about her workouts. Shes loud and agressive but can be sweet.
And those are the characters you will mostly encounter with the exceptions towards later episodes you will be introduced to Chitose adopted sisters, Minazuki his younger sis and Hazuki his older sis who is a famous singer. You also will be seeing the class rep Fumitsuki who has a crush on Chitose and becomes curious about Chitoses life outside school. Also Kanna Kisaragi childhood friend and develops a crush on him.

As far as originality it doesnt set the bar but then agian not many anime do. You will follow Chitoses struggles with dealing with so many moms. The shenanigins that happen when living with moms who are so different from one another. How each ones method for making him a better student work out. The only thing that bothered me were the endings of each episode. They had a very "after school special" feeling to them. Like really cheesy. For the most part this occurs with every episode. In the end it wasnt on my OMG I gotta watch this list but If you got nothing to do and time to kill watch a couple episodes, you might like it.