Jan 27, 2015
I_exist (All reviews)
One Piece: Cry Heart episodes are 2 short 5-minute clay animations. The first one was about Chopper and Quack Doctor Hiluluk, the second one on how Ace, Sabo and Luffy became brothers.

Story - The shorts included the deepest and strongest memories of the past of those two characters, it was effective in helping you remember the saddest parts as it was short but included the most important scenes.

Art - It was very different from the usual simple anime style as it was animated using clay. Nevertheless, I found the animation very pretty and enjoyed it more as it was different from the usual style we were so used to seeing. I also found it very cute as it showed characters younger than they usually were in the main anime.

Sound - There was no voice acting whatsoever, the only sound was background music. For some reason, I enjoyed it more as the video seemed more pure and any character's awkward voices could have ruined the moment. The music suited the theme very well and I was glad it was music-only and I knew what the characters were saying from the mood of the music.

Enjoyment - I enjoyed even though it didn't make me happy. In fact, it only made me feel sadness but it made me like One Piece even more. The theme, the innocence of childhood, suited the animation, the sound and the timing very well.

Overall - I'm grateful that I found it. I found some details in the video from Chopper's past that I had already forgotten since it has been so long, like how Chopper thought the skull sign in the mushroom book symbolised freedom, not poison. Even though I was sad, it made me feel warm inside and I recommend anyone who has already seen Chopper and Luffy's past to see it.