Jan 25, 2015
ZeroHumor (All reviews)
Reading this manga is like waking up in a scenic meadow with warm sunshine and a gentle breeze brushing past you. There's something inherently calming and satisfying about the experience, and you'll leave it feeling somewhat enlightened, glad that you were willing to give it a go.

Balancing Toy is a shoujo manga by Aiji Yamakama, and for those of you who have read 'Tomodachi no Hanashi', you'd be well acquainted with this mangaka's pleasant art style. Unlike the typical shoujo, this one doesn't really have much of a central plot to speak of, nor a goal it's trying to gravitate towards. It's a true slice-of-life at heart, with Haru giving us insightful remarks and pieces of her worldview as we observe her everyday life through her perspective. Meeting up with a past childhood friend. Making new acquaintances. Setting up her stepfather's birthday party. These events may seem mundane on paper, but each one reveals just a bit more about the wonderful characters in the story, while feeling incredibly natural and immersing in the process.

This story contains a dash of everything, from familial bonds to friendships to the buds of a teenage romance. It gives a refreshing look at life, adding in just the right amounts of appreciation and kindness amidst playful banter and lighthearted interactions. It's a heartwarming read for when you want to calm down and enjoy your time.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give this manga a whirl~