Jan 25, 2015
CoreKoro (All reviews)
*This is my very first review, so I apologize if I do things wrong xD;*

This "show" (more of a series of shorts) is extremely dark for what it is and looks like. Basically, mix Hello Kitty with Happy Tree Friends and you get this.
It's very simplistic in animation, yet has scenes with gore and blood.
Also, lots of pig racism. Lots and lots of it.
The humor was dark and crude, and, honestly, I enjoy that type of humor, so the 30 minutes it took of my time was worth it for me, but if dark humor isn't your thing, stay away from this series.

To the specifics of my scoring:
Story: 7. I didn't really know what to give this, since it's just a series of shorts, so I just went with something neutral.

Art: 8. The art is very simplistic and minimal, same with the animation. However, it's not cringe-worthy and the style is pretty cute, which adds to the humor, due to the show being so dark yet have such a cute art style. Cliche to some, but I still quite enjoy that.

Sound: 9. Along with the art style, very simplistic. The sounds match up pretty well with the visuals, so I can't give them slack for that. The voice acting, however, surprised me. In a good way, I mean. I was expecting the voice acting to be mediocre, but it's actually really good. All the characters sounded like how I imagined them to, and none of it was really cringe worthy. Nyako's voice especially was really good. I don't know why, but it really gave a cat feel to it.

Character: 8. I don't know what I was expecting for a dark comedy, but holy hell, a lot of the characters are either too unlikable or you feel way too bad for them. However, I ended up giving a higher score than I would have because that was the intent anyways, and also for the following reason: Nyako and Nyatta are definitely the worst, yet I really like them. The whole "pig racism" thing I mentioned before? Yeah, Nyako and Nyatta are the worst when it comes to that. I think it's the fact that they're pretty cute that makes me like them so much.

Enjoyment: 7. Though I did laugh a couple of times, it kinda gets predictable after a while. I found myself thinking "hey, that character is cute. He's going to die." Then again, that happens a lot in dark comedies as far as I know, and it was still cool to see how it would happen, so I did like this series.