Jan 25, 2015
femalegoblin (All reviews)
Please Rape Me is a decent hentai that will get you erect with out hesitation. Although the hentai genre likes to often incorporate rape, which isn't exactly a light hearted subject matter in my opinion, it's evident that this series seems to want to play around with the term "tegome" aka rape for laughs as well as classifying the concept of forcefully violating young girls and breaking their hymen as a fetish. Not just for the rapist (or in this case Masked Rapist with the big cock that can produce an absurd amount of fluffy semen that resembles whipped cream) but that for the female protagonists being raped is as much of a turn on as well. The entire concept is fairly degrading to the seriousness of rape and the fact that some people consider this idea to be untroubling and playful is disturbing if that is the message they're acquiring from viewing this story.

However one look at the perfectly pink nipples jiggling all atop those bouncy breast and all is forgotten. The story does have comical moments at times and you will forget rape is a serious offense while watching because the female protagonist do seem to truly enjoy the dick they're slipped with out their consent. There is a fair amount of build up between the Masked Rapist and the female protagonists he succeeds in degrading with his plump pixelated penis we still see a fair amount of rape in this series. I did find myself enjoying the scene where the main characters telepathic roommate essentially "raped" him. She makes him gush cream effortlessly upon his morning wake up and it only seems fair for all the violating he pursues that he's humiliated in such a manner.

Over all I liked how moe the girls appeared as well as how minimal the censorship was. Although I do find Japan's rape fetish disturbing I still thought the series was decent in terms of hentai. I hope my review convinces you to consider rape as a fetish better left for fantasy and not real life. Happy hentai-ing!