Jan 23, 2015
rifqiace (All reviews)
This is my first review, so ... yoroshiku onegaishimasu :)

*Maybe contains spoiler. But, so what? You perhaps would already know the storyline after saw the cover. Let's review.

What? It's already over?! If i recall, i just started to read this manga a couple hours, and it's over?

Of course, it just 14 chapter long, and that's what made me kinda disappointed. The premise is suprisingly interesting at first: a single boy that already left behind by all of his classmates at finding their boyfriend/girlfriend, and when he began to feel down, a cute transfer student came.

Yes, they both will fell in love each other in the middle of the story, but since the story is kinda short, the progress of their relationship was looked too fast and the girl's feeling was kinda forced to love him. If the story was continued to make it longer, i think the story would be more enjoyable. That's why i gave 8 for the story.

That's for the flaw part, in my opinion. For the other things, i gave them 9. I like this manga's art, it's beautiful. Then the characters were awesome, well-suited for its great art (especially the heroine, i think i love her hehe :D ). The characters' personalities were also good enough for short story. I absolutely enjoy reading this manga (since i want to see the heroine has more screen)

Overall, (almost) 9 out of 10, i would recommend you to read it if you like well-looking heroine and light-romance story. Trust me, your two-hours of time reading this won't be wasted.