Jan 21, 2015
basbas (All reviews)
Usually when I come across a manga like that I don't even bother myself with adding it to my MAL. This time is different, as I feel my responsibility as a human being is to warn anyone thinking about reading this thing, not to do so.

The main problem of the manga is the storyline. It feels as the author didn't have a firm grip of the plot, thus during 7 chapters she tried different approaches to the story which all failed. For example, there are two chapters copycatting Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihnge which are just painful to read. One is Ouran High School Host Club in not the best of its times. The ending is just a baffling drama where it's impossible to have investment in it. What emerges from that jumble are poor characters, many of them not properly introduced (their names aren't even mentioned) and superficial character development. The MC is plainly awful and her only trait is being utterly stupid. She works as a manager yet her decisions are so obviously bad I would do better than her and I know nothing about business.

All of that sums up in no enjoyment of reading and art doesn't help. The number of backgrounds is limited and characters look bad even though they are supposed to be bishounens. Mind you, the very first time we see the main guy one of his ears is normal, the second is prominent.

The only virtue of this title is its shortness. With seven chapters, it's possible to finish this in an hour. However if you are so bored you want to read it, do some sit-ups or go for a walk instead. That's a way better option than reading this nightmare.