Jan 21, 2015
Utsu Musume Sayuri is a 1 episode "show" that is 3 minutes long. It is like a Terry Gilliam short cartoon from Monty Python's Flying Circus...except stupider...and less funny.

This short sketch is about a horribly deformed blob that is supposedly a little girl. She engages in a poorly animated and trippy S&M session with other poorly animated blobs that are supposed to be her parents. That's it. That is all that happens in this 3 minutes of time that you will immediately wish you had spent doing something else.

I know what you are saying. It is only 3 minutes, how much can you suffer in 3 minutes? Try rubbing ghost pepper hot sauce all over your balls and THEN tell me that 3 minutes isn't a big deal. Oh could be worse. In the 1970s the Americans made "Down and Dirty Duck" which is like Utsu Musume if it lasted for 2 god damn hours!
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