Jan 18, 2015
MAND4 (All reviews)
Before watching this show, I'd recommend you Wiki-up on the term known as "Stockholm syndrome". It will help you understand the ultimate wrong aspect of this anime far better, but, unfortunately, it still won't ease the fact that this anime is completely and utterly average.

The story is really simple and there isn't much to it: the girl joins high school, wants to make friends, lies to them about having a boyfriend, turns out that her made-up boyfriend goes to same school with her and is quite popular, he for some reason agrees to go along with her charade and then their adventures begin. I can't say much for the story because there isn't any really. As a mainly character-driven series, the story is put-off into the sidelines and has trouble pacing itself over the episodes. At times, the episodes skip months worth of content they could show, and, for some reason, literally nothing seemed to have changed. I won't detail it out because it might be a spoiler, but you'll understand, trust me. The reason I gave the story such a low score is that even what's there isn't that good. It's predictable and filled with cliches and doesn't really work as a whole on any level.

Production of the show is its strongest part, alongside the comedy, and is quite eye-catchy. Especially for girl viewers. Even though there are some cute girls, most of them are not really THAT cute, while most of the guys that are important are made out to be quite hot - hence, extremely impossible to relate to just off the basis of the art. Animation hinges on the simplicity of movement and not much else and the series as a whole doesn't really have any heavy scenes when it comes to either art or sound. Speaking of sound, I had a really hard time hearing any music during this anime. For some reason, nothing stuck out and for the most part I didn't even bother looking for it. Voice actors did their jobs decently, but nothing really spectacular there either.

Now, I expect you have looked up what I asked you to, so I can continue with my depiction of the characters in this show. We have Erika, our main girl, who desperately wants to fit in into high school and lies through her teeth to do so. I can relate to that and, probably, most people who've gone through high school can. What differs us, normal humans, from her is simply how far she's willing to push her lie. It goes bounds and leaps beyond what any sane human, who isn't riddle with any mental illness, would do. While the show puts it all on "extreme masochism", it's not. It can't be. You can't give such a vague attribute to your character and expect all her actions to make sense. Regardless of what Sato did to her, she came running back. Regardless of how much he'd hurt her, she came running back. It's not masochism - not even a form of it. It can be only explained as a complete and utter mental illness and, to be honest, show should have been about her going to the shrink and fixing it. Aside from that trait, she's not that interesting to watch. She's kind of likable, I guess, and is shown to be a pathological liar although I'm pretty sure that whoever wrote this story really shouldn't attribute any mental illnesses to his/hers characters ever again because they have no basic idea what they are.

Next up we have Sata, extreme version of male-tsundere. I'm going to say it upfront: nobody will ever relate to this character. And if you do, you are a horrible human being and you should know it. He lacks any likable traits, and I'd be fine with that if those unlikable traits were realistic. He's also showcased as sadist, but, again, I'm pretty sure that whoever wrote this doesn't understand what that means. He often says that he doesn't do it because he likes to, but still does it, which kind of contradicts the entire premise of the sadist. Instead, 90% of the things he says are intended to hurt the other party, and not in a sarcastic and funny way. Calling someone a dog over and over and over again, shunning the other people's emotions, dragging them along, doing things that go far beyond simple bullying - that's the kind of character Sata is.

There's a certain scene midway through the anime where Erika and Sata are sitting alone in a coffee shop and she asks him what he thinks of her. He then proceeds to tell her how much he likes her and turns it over by the end. Her reaction is okay, I guess, but what's the point of this is that it really showcased just how shallow, uninteresting and borderline insane character Sata is.

This goes for the majority of the characters: all of them (aside from 1 or 2 maybe) seem to be suffering from some sort of a pathological illness, or they're just really, really, really stupid. I won't describe any more because they aren't really worth the page.

Did I enjoy the anime? Relatively, to be honest, hence this high of a score for all the bashing. Humor, for the most part, was well done and the show did make me laugh out loud a couple of times, but that was about it. Romance is shallow, insane and simply unrealistic, and the 'drama' moments are worth less than those of Clannad.

All in all, unless you just want to fill your list with rom-coms, I'd stay away from this. Especially if you're looking for likable and relate-able characters.