Jan 15, 2015
eririri (All reviews)
Being the first animated hentai series, Lolita Anime is perhaps most often watched nowadays for its historic value. Those venturing into this series expecting an unrefined mess full of out outdated visuals and archaic techniques, however, have much to be pleasantly surprised by.

Lolita Anime consists of three separate stories which, while sexual in nature, are far from being solely pornography as contemporary hentai often is. Repetitive single-motion scenes do not clog up its duration. In Lolita Anime there is not merely the desire to animate sex or to tell stories, but also one to make art.

Potential viewers should not be put off by the simple and unimaginative title; anthologies are difficult to name, and the first story is so reminiscent of Nabokov’s Lolita that it’s plausible for the title to be an allusion to it. There is the same pursuit for beauty, in part to veil the underlying filth, but also stemming from an inner desire for the sublime. Each story considers a different convergence of the beautiful and the terrible: the first story of pedophilia, the second of a maturing body and mind, and the third of the duality of drugs or possibly insanity as it is never overtly revealed. Although occasionally nonsensical and gratuitously pornographic, it would be wrong to judge Lolita Anime on its face value alone.

Over the years, depiction of lolis in animated pornography has become increasingly commonplace and acceptable among the groups concerned. Whereas some writers and producers aren’t bothered by the ethical dilemma and simply make loli porn for money, other writers and producers have even attempted to bring (usually laughable) moral justification to sex with children. Lolita Anime doesn’t belong in either category, and takes a cynical stance on pedophilia and the sexual depiction of minors. There’s no blatant argument for either side, instead it lets the viewers experience the different facets through its aforementioned contrasts of beauty and filth so that they may draw their own conclusions.

Despite being the first hentai to be animated, Lolita Anime boasts impressive production values superior to many contemporary hentai animation. Backgrounds are usually simplistic, but feel organic and naturally envelopes the characters equally simplistic in design. Unlike modern hentai character designs which are streamlined to archetypical norms, the girls in Lolita Anime feature bodies which are decently natural for their age. The breasts, however, are still larger than they would realistically be in contrast to the complete flatness commonly seen on lolis nowadays. Also deserving of mention is the background music consisting mostly of classical western scores, which, in addition to being pleasing to the ears blend naturally into the western settings of the series.

Lolita Anime is far more than the piece of pornography it may seem at first glance. Indeed, viewers looking for prompt gratification may be disheartened to know that they will not get it here. Instead, it takes a nuanced look at sexual depictions of lolis, and rewards those who dare venture with a wildly imaginative and occasionally disturbing journey.