Jan 13, 2015
shast007 (All reviews)
i become interested on this manga because of some recommendation from other harem manga.

Story: 8

the story can happen in reality, well i think it already happen on different country. I can understand the story because they make a setting on school where they market is student or teenagers.

art: 8

The drawings are good and you can understand easily.


character is the interesting part
in food sadist and yandere is the spies or special flavor , that's why this manga is good.
to tell you the truth im reading chapter 7+ but i cant even remember the character name. ex. "hotaru, who is that is that the 2d otaku?" daichi, is that the fat guy or the cross dresser boy?"

enjoyment: 9
i enjoy chapter 1-23, just like said in character part i cant remember there name, i enjoy the part where there is some harem part in here, and i can see daichi harusame as keima katsuragi, ( shimono hiro v.a.). I just put 9 instead of 10 because i cant enjoy the ending, but still i enjoy this manga.
well if you are harem shounen fan, then you might enjoy this manga :)