Aug 13, 2009
Rub_My_Fanny (All reviews)
Spice and Wolf was one of the best animes I have ever seen in my life. Every second was amazing, every episode had me dying to watch the next, until it was over. For a while I have yearned for more, and then I heard about a sequel, and I was happier than a priest in an unsupervised daycare in the mountains. Now usually with sequels the magic that you first felt when you saw it, isn't there, but not with Spice and Wolf II, so far it has been just as stimulating, if not more, as season one.

The story is about the life a merchant named Lawrence, and his companion Holo who happens to be a wolf goddess. Together they venture towards Holo's home town while making trades along the way. The story has just the right amount of romance to make you want to want more. It is very cleverly written and does an excellent job of building anticipation without wasting a second like some other shows do.
Beautiful, the colors compliment the feelings which the scenes are trying to convey, and the character's design is superb as it was in the first season. The characters look more like real people then in other animes, giving off the element of realism but keep that mystical charm that could only be found in a medieval world with pagan gods running about. The animation is crisp and smooth without many awkward moments. The expressions are not too exaggerated and the background characters all have a distinctive look about them.
Wow, the voice actors. Holo's seiyuu is one of the best, she can convey her emotions excellently and has a cute little catch phrase. Lawrence's actor has a serious voice which suites him well. The soundtrack is great at heightening the feeling trying to be expressed, the only thing that put this down to an 8 is that the opening and ending sequence. They are not my cup of tea so to speak. But they suit the show well.
Holo and Lawrence still keep that charm from the first season, admittedly they don't have the deepest back story. Little is known about Lawrence and Holo is an equal mystery, but this element adds a certain charm to the show, and perhaps more will be told about Horo and Lawrence later on, but even if they choose not to tell us their story, the characters are still well developed. Lawrence growth through the time spent with Holo is evident in the second season. The lack of archetypes is refreshing considering all the twin tailed tsundere bullshit out there. And that's what makes these characters memorable, instead of the cliche characters we get characters with a humanistic feeling to them.
My mediocre vocabulary can't assign an adjective to this show worthy of it's greatness, this is an absolute must watch for everyone.