Dec 31, 2007
Niacinamide (All reviews)
This anime has gone through some rough criticism for it's strange content and backwards airing. But it's those things that make this an under-appreciated, under-rated masterpiece.

The art and general quality of this series is generally pretty nice. The opening is nice and mysterious with a nice song by Momoka's seiyuu that is very traditional sounding. The end animation isn't anything impressive but the song is nice and soothing, very lullaby-ish.

The characters are interesting and are put into unique situations (including staying at a haunted inn, yaoi Dojinshi, social abuse/exclusion and a yuri love triangle). Character's importance and attitude is confusing at first if you watch it in the airing order backwards but watching it in the original order is best as it allows you to guess and make theories about what is going on throughout the series until the very end. If you get over that and deal with some of the stranger-scenes (that some might not be comfortable with) you could end up enjoying this series greatly.

Overall, I'd recommend this to anyone who likes romance, mystery and fantasy. I'd also recommend watching it backwards in the airing order with the first episode last and the last episode first. This way, the big twist will have more effect on you.