Aug 11, 2009
Skadi (All reviews)
Demon Fighter Kocho can best be described as a parody of echii action shows. It features over the top and gratuitous nudity and it pokes fun at both itself and the entire genre. Despite its short length it manages to be mildly amusing.

In a show of just barely thirty minutes, you can’t expect much in terms of epic storytelling and that’s the case with Demon Fighter Kocho. However it does some things right, foremost being to keep both the plot and the cast simple. The basic premise is laid out in the first few minutes along with an amusing narration by the main character Urano introducing the principle characters. Nothing in the story is taken seriously. The characters often talk to the audience which makes the absurdities of the plot much more humorous than they would be if played straight. The main focus of the plot seems to be to get Kocho out of her clothes, which she does...often. This would normally come across as extremely tacky and not all that funny, but for some reason it just works. Though there are quite a few laughs it is not uproariously funny either.

The characters are simple but sufficient for the stories needs. We are introduced to the cast right up front and it becomes obvious what their archetypes are seconds after first seeing them. The title character Kocho is your standard tsundere who despite being perpetually naked seems to be eternally embarrassed each time she exposes herself. Urano is your typical nose bleeding perverted male lead. Throw in the sexy younger sister Koran who is always clinging to Urano (much to Kocho's chagrin) and the perverted middle age teacher always dreaming up elaborate ways to get Kocho naked. Taken by themselves or out of context they aren’t that interesting but much like the echiiness in the story they just seem to work.

Art and animation is pretty good. The action is nicely done and interesting and the character models are good for this time period. Since Kocho spends so much time completely naked, I suppose I should comment that at least her figure is drawn well and has a realistically proportioned body type. The EN song is decent but that the only real music in the show. Voice cast does a nice job of portraying their characters personalities but it’s nothing that really stands out.

Overall Demon Fighter Kocho has some hilarious moments, but it’s just an average show that doesn’t do anything exceptionally well. Fans of echii comedy who want to see something amusing that wouldn’t take up too much of their time should give this short OVA a look.