Aug 10, 2009
Yemi_Hikari (All reviews)
Story 6:

The storyline of "Asura Cryin' " happens to be one that has a lot of detail and a lot of planning to it. However, it is one of those storylines that as good as it might be, was definatly not executed to the best ability. On top of this, there are a few things that one should know before they watch the anime.

One of the things that is problematic is that the storyling does not flow well, there are constant flashbacks, and important details that help the anime to run are revealed at intervals that are not always the best time for them to come into play.

Another thing is some of the humor that is crammed into the storyline. While some of the humor is actually funny, some of it is not that funny, or it happens to be put in at the wrong time, or the humor is not needed for the story to run along. Some of the humor is sex related.

Another thing is, "Asura Cryin' " is not really about the occult, and not really about the church. It is really a fantasy version of the two, where magic, demons, and mechas exist. Yes, I said mecha... technollogy actually plays a big role in this, which was not something I was expecting. But the way they work together is a nice asspect, however, not exactly executed to the best ability.

Art: 7

I may be the only one, but I was in a way disturbed that two of the male characters had a bang of hair that was longer then the rest of their hair, like double the length, if not more. The art work, which is beuatiful, had been given a down trodding by such things as this that just don't seem in place, or they have a wierd effect.

Sound: 10

The sound on this is supreme. The opening and ending is beuatifully done, not to mention that the voice actors are fairly good. The sound effects also work into it well.

Character: 9

Another strong point in "Asura Cryin' " is the numbers of different characters that are within the work, and the depth that has gone into them. Problem is, we only get a glimpse of them overall.

Enjoyment: 8

I had to say I enjoyied the anime for it's relativly neat ideas and concepts here, though I was disapointed by the way the storyline was executed, it seemed sporadic and disconjealed.

Overall: 7

This Anime is definatly not going to be for everyone. As stated above, it will have it's problems. But if one overlooks, or is even forewarned about the storylines... ddity... they might be able to get through it.