Jan 5, 2015
Charliegone (All reviews)
Like I usually do, I go to my favorite anime website every season and watch the 1st episode of each anime. If I'm somewhat into it, I usually stick around; and this one caught my attention.

Basically it's your typical good vs evil anime with the good guys primarily focusing on the 3 brothers, while the 1st two older brothers are far more interesting, the third and youngest...well honestly could've done without him. Didn't really do much or affect much of the story except for maybe like 5 or 10 minutes of the story in ALL of the series. Really. Like your typical good vs evil anime, there are happy times, then tough times and then reunion and then happy time again, gee..didn't see that coming. Honestly it didn't really blow me away or anything. It was a pretty typical setting I've seen a billion times in all the anime I've watched...and trust me I've watched quite a lot. At best it was mediocre. Nothing special.

Honestly, it was pretty average. It's clear they didn't get much to work with or else it might have been better. Seemed very early 2000's low budget standards to me. Lots of stills, little action in the fighting, repeated scenes, etc. The usual in a low budget anime.

Nothing really caught my attention. None of the music did or had me humming (that's when you know you got someone hooked) one of the tunes, nothing. Pretty repetitive as well. The younger brother, Chutaro was annoying as hell. I guess they did an ok job in choosing his VA if that was the intent. The other VA's I have heard of and they did well.

I guess if there's an upside to this anime it's the characters, while Chutaro was annoying, Tenka and Soramaru were probably more enjoyable. Honestly I wished they had developed Soramaru more, but being 12 episodes I guess they couldn't afford it. It felt kind of rushed or forced near the end where Soramaru tries to move on after a tragic event, so therefore I didn't really feel much for his suffering and cause. Honestly, I thought it started off great with the characters, but by the last few episodes, character development went out the window and in came the terrible typical story. I was kind of disappointed in that. They had great characters to work with.

Honestly, I wanted to enjoy it, but there is just so much lacking that I found myself just kind of yawning at times. It was exciting at times, but at times it was boring. It felt like your typical filler anime and probably was. A pretty mediocre anime with ok characters, easily forgettable in my opinion. I give it a low 6/10.